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Who are BaboAbe and Natsumi? Ludwig and Pokimane extend support to streamers amid separation

2023-08-02 15:52
BaboAbe left his fans heartbroken after announcing the news on Twitter
Who are BaboAbe and Natsumi? Ludwig and Pokimane extend support to streamers amid separation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Korean streamer Abe Chung aka BaboAbe, recently separated from his wife, Wendy Luo aka Natsumi. The couple, who were living together in Toronto, Canada, shocked their fans and the entire Twitch community with this news.

BaboAbe took to Twitter to tell his fans that he and Natsumi were no longer together. Many streaming superstars, including Ludwig and Pokimane, came forward, showing their love and support.

What happened between BaboAbe and Natsumi?

BaboAbe's news left his fans heartbroken. The streamer announced the news on Twitter on August 1. He did not mention any details about why he had separated from Natsumi any additional details regarding the cause of their split. He said he had tried his best to salvage their marriage but it was all in vain.

BaboAbe wrote, "Hey guys, you know that I'm normally very kept to myself when it comes to personal matters, however I felt that we owed it to you all to give an update. Wendy and I are no longer together. Things happened, and I can at the very least say- with confidence that I've done all I can to try to save our marriage and make things work. I'll be going live on stream today at 2pm pdt to talk about where I've been, what I've been doing, and my plans for the future but moving forward I will most likely not be talking about much else pertaining to this. Thank you all for your support."

Twitch community came in support

In response to BaboAbe's tweet, many came forward to express their support. Ludwig and Pokimane commented with red heart emojis. Ray C wrote, "Hoping the best abe." While HasanAbi wrote, "I miss you abe."