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Valorant Patch 6.11 Release Date

2023-05-31 00:56
Valorant Patch 6.11 drops on June 9 with changes to Pearl B Site, Chamber's abilities, and new weapon adjustments.
Valorant Patch 6.11 Release Date

Valorant Patch 6.11 is set to include major Agent, weapon, and map changes in its upcoming update.

Although Riot Games is executing Valorant maintenance today, the game will not feature any gameplay changes. The downtime only aims to fix bugs and improve the game's overall quality of life.

Patch 6.10's big addition to the FPS game was the new Spray Wheel. The feature is a cool way to give players more freedom when collecting and using sprays, but those wishing for more impactful updates should look forward to Patch 6.11.

Here's a breakdown of the next Valorant update.

Valorant Patch 6.11 Release Date

Valorant Patch 6.11 goes live on June 9. The update will lower the Frenzy's recoil and double the price of the Shorty.

A remastered Pearl B Site is also coming, featuring slight alterations to B Hall and B Tower Pillar. Plus, B Upper Ramp and B Screen will include new boxes perfect for holding improved angles.

Patch 6.11 could bring Chamber back into the competitive meta as well. He used to be one of the most chosen Agents, but recent nerfs decreased his popularity and usefulness. His Trademark (C) disabled range will be increased to 5,000, and his Tour De Force (X) fire rate will be increased by 15%.

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