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Spider-Man 2 contained ‘only 10 percent’ of Venom’s recorded dialogue

2023-11-27 23:26
'Spider-Man 2' only used around 10 percent of the dialogue Tony Todd recorded for Venom.
Spider-Man 2 contained ‘only 10 percent’ of Venom’s recorded dialogue

‘Spider-Man 2’ only features around 10 percent of the dialogue recorded for Venom.

The Symbiote was the main villain for the PlayStation 5 title, though the character’s voice actor, Tony Todd confirmed to fans at the comic book convention FAN EXPO San Francisco 2023 that the vast majority of his work ended up on the cutting-room floor.

According to X (formally Twitter) user Evan Filarca, the actor admitted that he recorded far more dialogue for Venom than was used in the final game.

He wrote: “@TonyTodd54 has confirmed that Insomniac only used 10 percent of his Venom dialogue in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2! More might be saved for the future!”

Although Tony confirmed that most of what he recorded for the character was put aside, he did not offer any hints or information as to what bits of dialogue were cut, and from what parts of the game they would have been from.

Gamers are desperate to see Venom again, though that unfortunately looks unlikely, due to the Symbiote's story arc in the title.

Insomniac Games, the studio behind ‘Spider-Man 2’, has also moved to work on their upcoming Wolverine game, making Venom’s return even more improbable.

Speaking with Kinda Funny, the director of ‘Spider-Man 2’ Bryan Intihar confirmed that the Wolverine game would take place within the same universe as the webslinger.

He said: “We wouldn't be true Marvel fans if we didn't have discussions like that, but I think for us it was, 'Hey, working on these games is really hard. They're really complicated.'

“And I think it was just like, 'Hey, let's let the Wolverine team cook.' Let's let them cook and if something ever happens in the future, great.”