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Kai Cenat: 5 incredible moments of Twitch star from Japan streams

2023-07-30 18:52
Here are the best instances from the various streams of Kai Cenat's visit to Tokyo, Japan
Kai Cenat: 5 incredible moments of Twitch star from Japan streams

TOKYO, JAPAN: Kai Cenat's unique ability to outperform other streaming titans has helped him establish himself as one of the most notable names in the streaming community.

Much of Cenat's success can be attributed to his unorthodox behavior, charisma, and funny demeanor, and the reigning Streamer of the Year made sure he took all of it on his recent visit to Japan. Cenat's Japan live stream has been pure entertainment gold, and without further ado, here are five of the most memorable moments from his recent trip.

Five incredible moments of Kai Cenat from Japan live streams

1. Encounter with Ray

The most heartwarming moment from Cenat's live stream was when he ran into a random Japanese man named Ray, who happened to be one of his biggest fans. The Brooklyn native was out and about when a strange bystander stopped to dab in front of the streamer, stating meeting Cenat was his "dream." Moreover, Ray started yelling to let his countrymen know Twitch royalty was among them before taking a handful of selfies with him. The Japanese man's participation in Cenat's initial stream was not the end, as Cenat invited Ray to hang out with him for a day in his most recent YouTube broadcast.

2. Kai Cenat met xQc in Japan

Cenat had a funny moment to share with the audience during his third live broadcast after discovering a Japanese man with magnificent straight blonde curls who had a strong resemblance to his fellow streamer friend, xQc. As Cenat has recently forged a friendship with the "Juicer" in the past few months, he never misses an opportunity to troll him. Looking at xQc's counterpart in Japan, Cenat stated, "Felix? Felix! Yo! My Juicer! Oh my gosh, bro! What's up, bro? What's up, bro? Oh my god, nice to see you, man! Haven't seen you in a long time, bye!" While the passerby was initially taken aback and perplexed by Cenat's actions, being the good sport that he was, he played along, greeting the streamer back to add an extra layer of fun to the situation.

3. Cenat was elated to meet another Black person

Following that comes another amusing clip from Cenat's adventures in Japan, this time from his second Japan live broadcast, which had the 21-year-old touring the streets of Tokyo before spotting another Black individual on the streets. Cenat was on his phone when he saw the Black individual walking in the opposite direction, which led to an awesome unscripted scene. Cenat is heard saying, "What's good my (N-word)?" before the two began jumping and hugging. Cenat said it felt "good" to see another Black person, and the two exchanged a few words before parting ways.

4. Impromptu street performances

Cenat's aptitude for entertaining the crowd with his antics and on-the-spot comedic timing should come as no surprise, given his penchant for "turning up." The streamer and his friends had the chance to run into a group of street performers on their second day of visiting "the city of 808 towns," which led to the entire crew enjoying the show on the streets of Tokyo. Cenat first encountered a Black man dressed as Vegeta before coming upon a bunch of underground rappers. He passionately vibed to the rappers before taking the stage and comically yelled "(N-word) on my d**k" several times. This was not the end, as they soon began to sing Ed Sheeran's hit song, 'Shape of You', during which Cenat's female friend began twerking.

5. Flirting with female fans

The most amusing moment from Cenat's inaugural Japan live stream had to be when the 21-year-old chose to flirt with a couple of his female followers on stream. The Brooklyn native is no stranger to talking to attractive women, judging by his broadcasts with Ice Spice. However, Cenat was up to something unexpected this time while responding to a fan's request for a photograph, as he said, "Damn you look good shawty." Following this, he inquired about the female fan's name and age. Amy responded that she was 16 years old, prompting Cenat to provide a meme-worthy moment of him being stunned and wide-mouthed with amazement.

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