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Did you know Amouranth was once domestic violence victim? Has Twitch queen moved on?

2023-06-18 15:16
It all started when she was on the phone with her husband, who seemed irritated with her
Did you know Amouranth was once domestic violence victim? Has Twitch queen moved on?

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Amouranth was one of the major streamers last year. Amouranth's domestic violence case was much more serious than most of the things that happen on platforms like Twitch that break into the mainstream. A terrified Amouranth confessed in a tearful stream that she was married, a fact her husband forced her to hide in order not to damage her income, and that she had to stream content she did not enjoy or want to watch because her husband controlled all of her finances.

The stream was interrupted by a phone call, and Amouranth went offline shortly after. Amouranth, a popular Twitch streamer, has raised charges of ongoing assault. During this stream, it was discovered that Twitch Superstar had been abused by her domineering husband on a regular basis. The stream has now been terminated, but excerpts from it are still circulating on social media. It all started when she was on the phone with her husband, who seemed irritated with her.

'What point are you even proving?'

Amouranth was initially seen anxious about her dogs during a talk with her husband, claiming he had threatened to kill them and hence refused to leave the house. Her husband afterward contradicted these statements and began questioning her about what she had said; Amouranth appeared bewildered and agitated by the conversation.

"Why did you say you want to kill my dogs?" The streamer was ordered to leave the house by her husband. Kaitlyn first agreed. She later changed her mind and stated that she would not leave her house because her dogs were present. The man on the other end of the queue instructed the streamer to take her dogs and leave: "Well, take the dogs and leave!"

Amouranth confronted him and revealed that he had forced her to host a 24-hour livestream. The husband lashed out after hearing the comment and exclaimed, "No! Did not say that! Now you're just f***ing being a liar! I said, 'I'm going to tell you what I said, in terms of the earlier!' You're saying you did not say that! And then you tell me, 'What did you say?" Kaitlyn sobbed in the middle of the stream. She stated, “I tried to tell you what I heard from you, and then you called me a liar. What are you even talking about? You brought up the dogs out of nowhere! What point are you even proving?!”

The spouse kept ranting and added: “My point is, are you listening or not?! If you're not, then get the f**k out! Well, if you're listening, then it makes perfect sense! I'll just say it one more time, if you don't get it, I need you to get the f***k out!" She went on to describe her husband going to treatment and being advised by the therapist that the way he treated her was a sort of psychological abuse. She even said that she was in a "fancy prison."

Has Twitch queen moved on?

She's now back streaming, with her content following the same fundamental beats but giving her more freedom for rest and recovery, as well as giving her complete creative choice over what she produces or does not produce. It was impossible not to envision the agony her husband must have been going through as she spoke of his therapy, the struggles he had battled with himself to become someone better. For a brief time, there appeared to be a ray of hope for their relationship, an opportunity for healing and redemption.

The situation seems to have changed after Amouranth took control of her life. Her fanbase now feels assured that she is more independent and less likely to be manipulated by anyone. Amouranth's content has been reshaped since she found freedom from her husband, leading to her being happier and more fulfilled.

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